Terms of use

Main datastore

When ever we do actively store data, we do store them in google cloud Cloud Datastore.



During your registration you have to provide your email address. This email address will be permanently stored on google cloud as we need link your email to your apikey for being able to give you support.
For processing your registration we use Integromat which also stores your email address. Please refer to their privacy policy if interested.
Finally, for sending you the setup email with your apikey we use Mailgun as email provider. Your email address is there stored as well.
Apart from your email address we do not store any personal information during the registration process!


The Pro registration differs only slightly from the free setup. The registration process itself is the same as for the free plan and your email address is stored at the same partners. Before we get your email your payment is completely processed by Paddle. We as gramchat do not get your payment info. Your contract is with paddle as our reseller.


The setup includes adding the JavaScript snippet to your website. We do not store additional data for the JavaScript snippet. As you also have to connect the Telegram we have to store the chat id of your conversation with the bot, for being able to answer to your messages and send you the messages from your website. We only store the telegram chat id. Without the Telegram API this ID is useless and does not give us any information about you.

Chat usage

For providing our service we have to store your chat messages with your users. The messages are then send via the Telegram Bot API to your Telegram client. As long as the user does not delete its cookies we will link the messages together for more convenience. All additional parameters you send via the frontend are also stored. All chat users are pseudonymised, and we thereby do not consider the chat messages as personal information.

Auto deletion of messages

We do delete all messages of a chat with your users, if the last received messages is older than 30 days.

Delete all data

You have the right to at anytime request us to delete all data we and thereby our partners have. Please be aware that this process can take up to 3 months from your request on. We are not able to remove telegram messages. Please contact us via: contact@gramchat.me

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